Monday, January 26, 2015

I think I forgot something last week :)

I may have just completely forgotten to mention something last week. OOPS
It has been quite the week, We had so much to do with preparation for the Subia's baptsim. We have been teaching them for about a month and they made it to their scheduled date! Their father who has now been a convert for 2 years was able to baptize his children. It was BEAUTIFUL. I loved having the opportunity to walk back there to help Saquaria into the font and watch her father baptize her. As tears filled his eyes he was able to perform this sacred ordinance for his children. It was so special to see him and his children all in white, the only way that I can describe it would be breath taking. Literally:) 

I was able to learn a really neat principal this past week. We cannot expect to be "spoon fed" everything thing in this life. That was not Heavenly Fathers plan at all. He has granted us with agency and expects us to us it righteously. To be "spoon fed" was the adversarys idea.. let us not go down that path. We are to make correct decisions.. because they truly do determine our destiny:) Let us rely on our daily and personal study of the scriptures and personal prayer to give us the strength in which we need:)  


I have no idea why or how but these past 8 weeks have been the best weeks:) We have been busy which always makes missionaries happy, we have a wonderful ward and great people that we are teaching and we have continued to find more and more people who are eager to learn. As we are as obedient as we can be the Lord has blessed us in so many ways. When you truly love the work, your area and our companion, things work out. That doesn't mean that it is easy by any means, we still have challenges and trials that arise, but we are able to face them with courage and faith. LOTS of faith. A while back i think i mentioned that the gospel was not weight but that it was wings... TRUE statement... but we have to move and do SOMETHING with our "wings" in order to fly. It takes work and determination and DILIGENCE.. and patience;) oh how i love being able to stretch and give everything that i possibly can. 

on to the best Sunday ever! he subias confirmation, we got to speak in church and while we were up on the stand our investigators kept walking in!!! ahhhh MIRACLES:) they truly do happen. IT was amazing! 
The Mudliars came to church.. we have been trying to get these ids to church for weeks and it FINALLY HAPPENED!:) 

I love love love the gospel and how we have the potential to always become and how we can change. That is what the gospel is all about. CHANGE:) 

"we are all accountable to Him for our lives, our choices, our actions, and even our thoughts. because he redeemed us from the fall our lives are in reality HIS" This reminds me of when Elder Bednar came to our mission.. oh yeah i had only been a missionary for a couple days, but i remember him saying this... "you gave up your agency a long time ago when you made that promise at baptism" HE is the one who we want to become like an he is the one we want to make proud. Let us all try a little harder to be a little kinder, just as the Savior. 
thank you for all the countless prayers and encouraging words:) 
Sister Norton:) 

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